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Parents of disabled children may seek SSI benefits

Part of the Social Security system is the Supplemental Security Income childhood disability program. Under this program, low-income families with disabled children are able to receive monthly checks. This money can go toward things like therapy and expenses not covered by Medicaid. However, while some news reports may make it seem like everyone who applies ends up receiving SSI, the truth is only a small percentage of those families with children who have disabilities end up qualifying for the federal program. 

Crohn's disease a qualifying condition for SSI

Those living with Crohn's disease in New Jersey know just how debilitating the inflammatory bowel disease can be. For some, the disease may be in remission right now, while for others the pain is almost unbearable. However, with approximately 700,000 Americans in the U.S. living with the disease, it may help to know that no one is alone and there may be ways to go about receiving supplemental income.

Mental illness diagnoses in children quickly on the rise

A report recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that the number of children across the country diagnosed with a mental health issue is on the rise. At present, an estimated one in five children suffers from at least one mental health condition.

Federal PROMISE initiative to offer kids on SSI more opportunity

All families want to set their children up for success, but providing for a child with a disability can be a financial strain for many families in New Jersey. Accordingly, the financial assistance provided by Supplemental Security Income is crucial to many low-income families across New Jersey that have a child with a disability.

What can budget proposal mean for individuals with disabilities?

Social Security Disability Insurance is structured so that individuals in New Jersey that live with a condition, illness or injury that prevents the individual from working for an extended period time can collect benefits to continue providing for themselves when they are unable to work and earn an income. The benefits are calculated upon the amount an individual looking to collect benefits paid through taxes into the system during the period in which they were able to work.

Change coming to disbursement of SSI benefits

Each month individuals throughout the state of New Jersey check their mail boxes for their Supplemental Security Income check. Come March 1 of this year that will change. While recipients will continue to receive those payments they will be in a different form. Paper checks will no longer be issued. Instead, the benefit amount will be deposited directly into the bank account of the recipient.

SSA IG's call for more audits could affect New Jersey recipients

All Social Security programs that support of New Jersey residents are subject to increasing scrutiny as federal funding tightens and the population needing benefits increases. The Social Security Administration is being strongly pressed to implement new practices ensuring that Supplemental Security Income is paid out accurately and properly.

SSDI and SSI compared for New Jersey residents

New Jersey residents seeking disability benefits might be overwhelmed by the requirements for the various programs available to them. A key point of confusion lies between two federal disability programs -- Supplemental Security Income and Social Security disability insurance. What's the difference between the two?

Could lax SSA reviews affect New Jersey child benefits?

Readers of this blog will recall our discussion in February regarding an investigation of SSI benefits by the Institute of Medicine. The Government Accountability Office has also conducted its own investigation and has released a draft report.

More reasons to notify SSA of changes in income

Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries in New Jersey will recall this blog's discussion last week regarding the requirement to notify the Social Security Administration of any changes in circumstances. A sudden change in income can cause termination of benefits. Winning the lottery, inheriting money or getting a gift can all increase an individual's resources, which is a key factor in determining SSI eligibility.

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