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What happens if you become disabled and can't work after age 50?

Many people work their entire lives without encountering an illness or injury serious enough to keep them from being able to work for a year or longer. Unfortunately, the chance of suffering a disabling condition grows increasingly greater as we age. Unfortunately, the real-life consequences of a disability may, as well. At age 50, many people are in their most productive and highest-earning years, but many are also contributing simultaneously to launching their children's lives and to supporting older relatives.

The chains of chronic pain

Doctors can’t see it, touch it or measure it. They often have to rely on the patient’s word that it even exists, what form it takes and with what frequency it appears. It is chronic pain; a debilitating condition that can be difficult to diagnose and effectively treat.

Remembering those who served the nation

As we head into the Fourth of July three-day weekend, it’s a good time to pause and reflect not only on the values of the nation, but also some of its achievements and leaders. Widely considered one of the greatest presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt helped lead the country out of the Great Depression and through the years-long, monumental effort and sacrifice required to emerge triumphant in World War II.

A celebration of America's greatest advocate for the disabled

She could not hear, but the words she spoke helped change America for the better. She could not see, but her vision helped create an activist community for people with disabilities. This Friday we celebrate the remarkable life and achievements of Helen Keller.

Fighting diabetes and heart disease at the same time

Life is complicated. And when you are among the 29 million Americans with diabetes, the risk of developing other serious diseases rises. That can mean someone’s struggles with diabetes can be complicated by cardiovascular disease.

May is National Stroke Awareness Month

Twenty-five years ago, President George H.W. Bush put his pen to paper and signed a proclamation designating May as National Stroke Awareness Month. In the quarter-century since, the National Stroke Association and other groups and people have been working diligently to raise awareness of stroke.

Does the subminimum wage exploit disabled workers?

With a stroke of his pen on an executive order, President Obama recently required all federal contractors to pay workers at least a minimum wage of $10.10. The order included disabled workers, a partial triumph for activists who have long argued that's it's past time to end so-called sheltered workshops, where disabled employees can be paid subminimum wages.

Social Security Disability enrollment levels off

Most people who regularly follow the news understand that dramatic stories of impending doom get more attention than level-headed descriptions of reality. The point is illustrated by news coverage over the past several years of Social Security Disability.

'Payee' alleged mismanagement threatens SSDI benefits

As many residents of Newark know, it can be a time-consuming struggle to successfully apply and be approved for Social Security Disability benefits. For many, their initial claim is rejected, prompting them to file an appeal with the help of an SSDI attorney.

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