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Diabetes threatens many Newark residents

Diabetes threatens about one out of three people in the U.S., according to the American Diabetes Association (the organization has an office about 13 miles east of Newark, in Manhattan). Among minorities, the risk of the disease is even higher.

African Americans have a 77 percent higher risk than non-Hispanic white Americans, for instance, while the risk to Hispanics is 66 percent higher than the risk to non-Hispanic white Americans. That means an increased risk of the disabilities that can result from diabetes, including limb amputation, heart disease, kidney disease, blindness and nerve damage, among others.

The numbers from the American Diabetes Association are astounding:

  • Heart disease death rates are two to four times higher for adults with diabetes than for adults without
  • Stroke risk is also two to four times higher for those with diabetes
  • Among adults ages 20 to 74 years old, diabetes is the number one cause of new cases of blindness
  • Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure in the U.S.
  • In 2008, more than 48,000 diabetics began end-stage kidney disease treatment in the U.S.; more than 200,000 diabetics had had a kidney transplant or were receiving chronic dialysis
  • Up to 70 percent of diabetics have mild to severe nerve system damage

Experts say it’s important to have a blood test to check for diabetes or pre-diabetes conditions. In some cases, changes in diet and physical activity can prevent the onset of diabetes.

In other cases, people are left disabled by the disease and unable to work. For them, SSDI can be the difference-maker in remaining self-sufficient. Discuss the Social Security Disability Insurance claims and appeals process with an experienced attorney.

Source: KUSA, "9Health Fair: Heritage affects risks for diabetes," Kristin Carringer, April 29, 2014

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