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November 2013 Archives

SSDI: Time to begin the complicated application process is now

We were recently reading a column that gave readers something to think about. If you're 20 years old and working, it's very likely that you won't think much about disability. But the reality is that more than one out of four 20-year-old workers will become disabled by injury or illness before they reach retirement.

Chronic pain: Invisible, potentially disabling condition

It can't be seen or felt or measured by observers, tests or X-rays, and sometimes doctors can't even identify its cause. Yet chronic pain can lay waste to a person's life, straining relationships with family and friends, and leaving a person unable to work and earn an income.

SSDI settlement: Applicants get new claims hearings

There is no doubt that there are some people who have a bias against Americans who are because of injury or illness unable to work. That bias was evident to many in a class action settlement not far from us in Newark.

Parents of disabled children may seek SSI benefits

Part of the Social Security system is the Supplemental Security Income childhood disability program. Under this program, low-income families with disabled children are able to receive monthly checks. This money can go toward things like therapy and expenses not covered by Medicaid. However, while some news reports may make it seem like everyone who applies ends up receiving SSI, the truth is only a small percentage of those families with children who have disabilities end up qualifying for the federal program. 

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