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U.S. HealthWorks: Back injuries top list for work injuries

Every year, thousands of U.S. workers are hurt on the job. Some of these injuries are rather minor, but some are life-changing. For some, an injury can even make it hard to work a full-time job and could necessitate the need for Social Security disability.

Recently, U.S. HealthWorks released its list of top on-the-job injuries. The list was based off of patient visits to U.S. HealthWorks centers and worksites around the country. There are locations in New Jersey. 

According to U.S. HealthWorks, back injuries were the No. 1 injury, followed by finger cuts, shoulder sprains, sprained necks and leg/knee injuries. The range in severity of these different injuries was not mentioned in a recent news article. However, one can assume that while some injuries were minor, others experienced quite serious injuries requiring ongoing medical care. 

In looking at the No. 1 injury -- back injuries -- it is important to remember that these injuries can be physically debilitating and really impact a person's livelihood. Depending on what a person's job is -- manual labor or a desk job -- those injured may not be able to concentrate or continue to work. 

Many times, those with back injuries find themselves turned down for Social Security disability. While certainly discouraging, this does not mean it is not still possible.

This is where an attorney can step in. This attorney can focus on the medical evidence. This may mean getting specific diagnostic testing, or documentation, in order to further prove there is in fact a disability at play. 

An attorney with experience handling Social Security disability claims and appeals in New Jersey can provide more information to those with back injuries. 

Source: Bonney Lake Courier-Herald, "U.S. HealthWorks releases list of top workplace injuries," Sept. 2, 2013

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