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September 2013 Archives

Disability affects New Jersey workers of all ages

Many living in the Newark, New Jersey, area may like to think nothing will ever happen to their health. They will always remain serious injury and illness free and retire at age 65. And while this is certainly a nice plan to have, keep in mind that plans do change, often times without having any control over the situation. 

Majority of those receiving disability need financial help

Recently, it was announced Social Security Administration had mistakenly been issuing disability payments to some recipients who claimed to be unable to work, yet were holding down a job. However, while this is certainly not the point of the federal programs, it should be noted this only applied to a very small percentage of recipients.

Study: Diabetes risk for young people on atypical antipsychotics

For those living with a mental illness, taking an atypical antipsychotic is a regular part of their day. Most even look to these prescribed medications to maintain or improve their quality of life. However, a recent study points to the fact that there are health risks associated with many of these needed medications. 

U.S. HealthWorks: Back injuries top list for work injuries

Every year, thousands of U.S. workers are hurt on the job. Some of these injuries are rather minor, but some are life-changing. For some, an injury can even make it hard to work a full-time job and could necessitate the need for Social Security disability.

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