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May 2013 Archives

Mental illness diagnoses in children quickly on the rise

A report recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that the number of children across the country diagnosed with a mental health issue is on the rise. At present, an estimated one in five children suffers from at least one mental health condition.

Federal PROMISE initiative to offer kids on SSI more opportunity

All families want to set their children up for success, but providing for a child with a disability can be a financial strain for many families in New Jersey. Accordingly, the financial assistance provided by Supplemental Security Income is crucial to many low-income families across New Jersey that have a child with a disability.

Crash survivor must reimburse coverage from ERISA-governed plan

Obtaining benefits from a group plan governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act can be complex and confusing. Claims can be denied, and benefits can be terminated. It is important to retain a skilled attorney with experience handling the ERISA claims process that will advocate for the rights of an injured or disabled employee unable to work.

How accurate or helpful is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual?

The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is set for reveal at the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting later this month. This text is meant to assist health professionals in determining diagnoses for individuals struggling with mental illness. There are some notable changes to the new version, but largely the criteria for diagnoses continue to rely heavily on clusters of symptoms. Accordingly, the National Institute of Mental Health feels that this it is time to rely on other data beyond the DSM in diagnosing individuals with mental struggles.

An unseen struggle can mean an insidious inability to work

There are all kinds of debilitating illnesses and conditions in New Jersey that can prevent an individual from being able to work. Additionally, there are conditions that are not always apparent. In many instances, it is impossible to simply look at an individual and discern whether he or she is able to work. It is far more complicated than that. In many instances, it takes more than an able body for an individual to work and provide an income for him or herself.

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