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March 2013 Archives

Hope for those suffering with major depression in New Jersey

According to a survey sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, almost half of the individuals desperately struggling with major depression do not get the help and medical attention that they need. In many instances, individuals in New Jersey that are desperately struggling with major depression can barely get out of bed, much less go to work.

After 3 appeals to the SSA, woman receives her SSDI benefits

We have discussed on several occasions how disheartening it can be when an individual in New Jersey that lives with a disability and is unable to work has their claim denied for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. It can feel like an overwhelming, and long process with no end or relief in sight.

Securing assistance often difficult for those already struggling

There is a wide array of disabling conditions that so severely impact some residents of New Jersey that they are unable to work. When an individual is unable to work, they are unable to earn living. This in turn makes the effort to afford even the basic costs of living extremely difficult. It is imperative that we provide for all members of our society. This is why the Social Security Administration began the program to assist individuals that struggle in this manner.

New Jersey residents with developmental disabilities: Aid coming

There are thousands of individuals in New Jersey that struggle with disabilities. Owing to these disabilities, some individuals are unable to live on their own. Unfortunately, not all families are able to shoulder the expenses of caring for family members that have disabilities which prevent the individual from caring for themselves. The state of New Jersey was coming into trouble for a lack of available community housing and related services for individuals in the state that live with a developmental disability.

Term 'intellectual disability' carries less negative connotation

The aim of Social Security Disability Insurance is to provide assistance to individuals around the country -- including here in New Jersey -- that are unable to work because they struggle with a disabling condition, illness or injury. There are a variety of specific conditions that must be met in order to obtain these benefits.

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