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February 2013 Archives

Personal benefit information can now be accessible online

Once an individual has been approved for benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance, they could be unsure of how to track their benefits. Everything from making sure the payments are entering the correct account or being sent to the correct address can feel like a confusing paper trial that is difficult to keep track of. Some may even have trouble locating the documentation that states that the individual has been approved for benefits when looking to secure loans or other local benefits.

New Jersey families touched by disability struggle for basic needs

For some families in New Jersey, there is never any stress surrounding where the next meal will come from. Some kids go home and can riffle through cabinets and a refrigerator full of food. Unfortunately, this is not a luxury afforded to all. A reported 15 percent of households around the country, including her in New Jersey, experienced some struggle in providing an adequate amount of food for all family members in 2011. This is referred to as food insecurity.

Individual receives benefits after 12 years of struggling

There are millions of individuals across the country, including here in New Jersey, that struggle with a debilitating illness or condition which renders them unable to work. Such individuals can be eligible for collecting Social Security Disability benefits if they meet certain criteria. However, obtaining these benefits can be more difficult than one might be inclined to assume.

What is at stake in redefining what it means to be disabled?

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits the discrimination of individuals with disabilities. This act went a long way in extending more legally enforceable protection for individuals that struggle with disabilities not just here in New Jersey, but around the entire country. A recent settlement involving the application of the ADA is causing some to question what exactly constitutes a disability, and whether that definition should or should not be redefined.

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