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How do I qualify for disability benefits in New Jersey?

Last week, we blogged about how according to the Social Security Administration, this month will be a record-breaking month in terms of the number of workers that applied for benefits under Social Security Disability. The ranks of workers of this month join the additional 8.8 million workers that currently collect disability benefits, according to the Social Security Administration.

SSA reports record number of new SSDI applicants in December

The Social Security Administration projected on Friday that around 90,000 people will apply for Social Security Disability Insurance this month, which would represent the record-highest increase in December applications in the agency's history. If the projection turns out to be accurate and they applications are approved at the average rate, the total number of SSDI beneficiaries could also reach record levels.

Artist with Down's Syndrome has art featured around the world

Very often, the conversation surrounding disability launches from what the individual is unable to do or is lacking. In the 1950s, many such individuals were institutionalized, kept apart from their families and the rest of society. One little girl with Down's Syndrome was institutionalized when she was 7 years old as a way of providing for her long-term care.

Compassionate allowance list adds 35 additional illnesses

There are millions of people across the country, including here in New Jersey, that are so severely impacted by a medical condition or illness that they are unable to work and provide for themselves. Often, these individuals will turn to Social Security Disability in hopes of receiving benefits that will help them put food in the bellies and keep roofs over their heads.

Stigma surrounding mental illness can stop some from seeking help

According to a survey sponsored by the National Institute for Mental Health, almost half of the individuals that are suffering with major depression do not receive the medical treatment they need. With other illnesses that inhibit the ability of an individual in New Jersey to work, there are more obvious symptoms and tests that can point to an individual's inability to work. There are not blood tests or scans that can indicate an individual with major depression is unable to work. However, mental illness can take a profound toll and absolutely prevent an individual from being able to work.

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