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October 2012 Archives

Disability benefits battle ends in $206,000 of benefits for sick man

A man that struggled with heart failure and needed to battle the Social Security Administration for years to receive his due benefits watched as his comfortable life slowly slid into desperation and poverty as his health only steadily worsened. The sick man reports that when his lawyer called to tell him his fight was successful, the man was prepared to hear the worst -- that there was nothing more to be done -- conversely the man says, "When I got that phone call, it just lifted me up. My spirits were lifted up."

SSA deemed patient fit to work after he already died from tumor

One would hope that if an individual is critically ill in New Jersey or elsewhere, he or she would not have difficulties obtaining crucial benefits. Unfortunately, the Social Security Disability process can feel like jumping through hoops at a time when an individual is likely least equipped to do so.

SSD benefits adjusted for cost-of-living expenses

When an individual in New Jersey is hit with a crippling illness, injury, disease or condition that renders them unable to work, there are several things that may run through their mind as constant sources of stress. Chief among those issues is money: How am I going to pay my medical bills? How am I going to keep paying for housing? What about food? How am I going to live?

October: Raising awareness of all aspects of breast cancer?

Traditionally, New Jersey residents associate the month of Halloween with ghostly decorations of orange and black. However, in recent years, the shift has focused on October as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pink everything pervades our consciousness as early detection of the disease is encouraged.

Mental illness: America's largest cause of disability

When an individual is struggling with cancer, there are tests that show the effects of the disease. When an individual is struggling with a mental illness, there is a lack of any measurable indications that they are struggling -- but this does not mean that their life is not dramatically impacted. In both instances, an afflicted individual with the disease can be rendered unable to work.

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